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As an agent, why choose Coleman & Coleman, PLC as your preferred settlement agent? The answer is simple; SERVICE. If you are currently using another settlement agent, two things may be readily apparent to you. By using a title company, your client does not have the benefit of having an attorney to assist during those difficult transactions.

A title company cannot advise you or the client as to the legal consequences of any document, draft legal documents, resolve survey issues, or draft escrow agreements. And, if you are currently using a law firm as your preferred settlement agent, you may know that getting an attorney on the phone to timely answer your questions may be difficult. At Coleman & Coleman, PLC we are dedicated to service foremost. Our business plan is to have attorney contact with each and every agent and client prior to getting to the closing table.

Our goal is to have an attorney involved in every aspect of the closing process. We understand that this industry is dynamic and that your schedules almost never conform to the normal 9-5 business hours. Our dedication to service includes having an attorney available after hours and on weekends to answer your questions.

Coleman & Coleman , PLC
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Coleman & Coleman , PLC
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