About Us

About Us

Coleman & Coleman PLC:
Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Transactions

Coleman & Coleman PLC was established by brothers Scott and Donnie Coleman with the goal of providing the highest quality legal representation to clients at affordable rates.  At the heart of our firm lies the unwavering commitment of our attorneys and staff to deliver legal services that are prompt, of high quality and cost-effective in often fast-paced, changing environments.

Our Founding Principles:

Our firm is founded on the principle that we provide clients with the legal expertise they need in a manner that is efficient, practical, and tailored to the unique demands of each case. We understand that real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial, can be intricate and multifaceted. Thus, our mission is to support our clients comprehensively, not only from a legal perspective but by also offering innovative solutions to guide them through deals of varying complexity.

A Wide Spectrum of Real Estate Services:

Whether it be a residential or commercial real estate transaction, we will provide:

  • Cost effective real estate closings: Our proficient attorneys specialize in conducting real estate closings for both sellers and buyers. We understand the importance of this pivotal moment in a transaction and ensure that it proceeds smoothly, meeting all legal requirements.
  • Financing Counsel: We provide valuable insights and counsel regarding financing options, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.
  • Contract Formation and Settlement Process: We actively engage in the resolution of issues that may arise during the contract formation phase and continue to provide support throughout the settlement process.
  • Title Issue Resolution: The presence of title issues can be a significant hurdle in real estate transactions. Our dedicated team works proactively to resolve any title issues and ensure our clients obtain marketable titles that are clear of any encumbrances.

Our attorneys provide practical and innovative solutions, going beyond the traditional legal role, to assist our clients as they make and close deals of varying complexity.